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“Argon Corporation”
Alexandra do Carmo (born in Portugal now living in NY)
video and 60 meter drawing

Alexandra do Carmo’s practice is focused on the studio as a conceptual field of study. The use of drawing is frequent in her work, though she also employs installation, video, photography and performance in an investigation of the dynamics of authorship.

Alexandra do Carmo's installation for "Space, Place & Interface",
includes video, stills and a 20 ft. long drawing. For this piece, the artist co-existed with construction workers for 15 days while the space was under construction. A video documents the building process and the artists’s interactions with the workers. The drawing, composed of delicate pencil marks, re-enacts the interactions between artist and worker. In her drawings
do Carmo uses animals as metaphors for people, in this case rhinoceroses.

The image above derives from a short period in the video where there’s a specific relationship between the artists and one of the workers building the studio walls—the construction of the space serves as metaphor for the constituency of the subject as produced through the look of others. The confrontation that emerges during the process of construction serves the authors action. The studio was build in 15 days as well the video-- both were displayed for a day and destroyed afterwards.