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“Barbecue” at Hyde Park Art Center

July 15, Tuesday 6-8 PM in the "Beast"

Food beyond sustenance has been a topic in literature and art since the gastronomic orgies of Ancient Rome. More recently the moving image has brought us treats of seduction, nostalgia, and excess. Think Ratatouille and Anton’s Ego’s sublime reaction to his childhood meal, or the spaghetti scene in Lady and the Tramp, the big kahuna burger in Pulp Fiction, coffee and cherry pie in Twin Peaks, the prison cooking scene in Goodfellas, Albert Finny sharing a tavern meal in Tom Jones, the entire feast in Barbette's Feast, the 50 eggs in Cool Hand Luke, nearly every scene of Chocolat, and Julia & Julia, Marie Antoinette, A Christmas Story, … Warhol’s film Eat. The following artists have taken a stab at FOOD, providing visual delights and a bit of fun to a universal topic: Hugo de Kok & Kay van Vree, David Lachman, Jeff Warmouth, Center For Genomic Gastronomy, Jungmin Son, Carl Rowe, Celeste Fichter, Peter Millard, Dave Green.

5020 S. Cornell Avenue Chicago, IL 60615
Phone: 773-324-5520


Check out Eric Souther's New Work from LiveBox Residency - Unseen Signals

Ritual for the Death of a Tree

Ritual took hold of Eric during the residency and became an obsession, involving dirt, trees, smoke, ancient ceremonial practices, death, the cosmos.

Unseen Signals