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LiveBox Gallery is no longer accepting submissions for exhibition or our Residency Program.

“Cabin of the Sublime – Or Not” is a two-week residency focused on refection and critical thinking. This is not the place you come to feverishly produce. A space has been built for artists to reflect, contemplate, muse; an intimate cabin that calls for your thoughts to fill it, not data from the web, nor impressions from critics, curators, or collectors – designed simply for your voice.

Breaking away from the studio can be an important component of the art process. The cabin has been created to nurture creative thought:

  • At the beginning of a project, when you don’t want to squash a critical playful period, but need some clarity on direction and purpose
  • In the middle of a project, when its time to make critical decisions
  • Near the end of a project, a time to evaluate and decide if directional changes are required, or you simply desire a more layered understanding of your work
  • Between projects, to reflect on where you’ve come and where you’d like to focus next.

“Cabin of the Sublime – Or Not”

  • Your own private cabin, and abundant possibilities to connect with nature, plus just a train ride to Chicago and its dynamic art scene
  • An 8 ft X 8 ft cabin on a lake.
  • A room in the main house for logging
  • Shared use of a studio in the main house, should you want to “play”
  • Transportation to the Metro, for visits to Chicago. The Metro is 1 hour and 10 min to the gallery scene, $13 round trip. The Cabin is located in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago – Crystal lake, IL.
  • Connections to artists and galleries in Chicago
  • Spring through fall – kayak and canoe for lake use
  • Nature trails
  • Ice fishing and ice skating in winter

Submission Guidelines:

We are no longer accepting Submissions. The Residency has been closed for the foreseeable future.

Catherine Forster
Founder and Director

For more information contact