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Bebe Beard, Boston

Lou Cohen audio composer

Digital Orpheus (4 parts)
POWER presents our first musings on the myths of Orpheus. 2005, 5:59 min.
DOWN is based on Orpheus’ trials as he goes down to the underworld to win back his beloved Eurydice. To reach her he must use his musical powers to calm Cerberus and convince Charon to ferry him across the river Styx. 2005, 4:52

UP presents this part of the myth from the woman’s point of view. Having won Eurydice back Orpheus ascends to the world above. He must not look back at her until they reach the upper-world – but in his impatience he does, and loses her again but this time forever. 2005, 8:22.
DEATH concludes the series with imagery and sound inspired by the watery circumstances of Orpheus’ murder by the Maenads who ripped him to shreds and threw his remains into the Hebrus River. 2005, 9:29 min.