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“Paradise Ahead ”

Scott Kildall (Chicago).


Scott Kildall's artwork sits at the intersection of memory and future projection using the psychological potential of architecture. His tools and materials are in-between moments, cinematic memory, bodily repetition, circular narratives and spatial isolation.

Paradise Ahead is a print and performance series that blurs the line between document and event in Second Life. Each scene captures the anticipation and familiarity of this simulated environment by restaging iconic art installations, films and photographs.

Using only primitive graphics of Second Life, the documentation of these performances — large-scale prints serves as a historical record of the initial launch point into simulated worlds.

Uncertain Location (series of ink jet prints)

In the summer of 2006, NASA announced that the original Apollo 11 moon landing tapes were missing. The video broadcast on television was transmitted through space and then shot off a video monitor in Houston ground control. The originals were better resolution, higher contrast and crisp in detail. No one has seen then this footage. Many have asked questions about the truth of this event.

I have completely recreated a 1-minute segment of the original -- where Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin plant the American flag with the lunar lander in the background. At exhibitions, I give or sell prints from the recreated video. As the public takes home prints, I erase the corresponding frames from my own recreated video. The mirror our own memories as we only know the low-resolution document.