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 “After Thoughts.” looped video

Lane Last
During the last two decades, through painting, sculpture, installation and video, Lane Last has investigated and explored the ways that human evolution has interacted, and has been affected and altered by the discovery and harnessing of electricity.                 


This work is an attempt to play with/ overload / over stimulate the human physiological and perceptual tendencies involved with the visual and auditory senses. Rhythmic sound is used to engage and hold the focus of an audience while simple, moving blue shapes begins to create afterimages on the white screen. The size and number vary to change the same values in the afterimages and in certain forms, negative afterimage outlines may appear. Factors such and concentration, retinal fatigue, and the number of times a viewer blinks will affect the outcome. In some viewers, the ending white screen can become an array of silvery afterimages. It is my belief that our perception is the most fundamental and random element in our conscious selves and reveals our human predisposition to add our own "imagined" meaning to an experience.