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Fly Fly

Jiang Zhi

Born in Yuanjiang, Hunan province in 1971. He graduated from China Academy of Fine Art in 1995, now lives and works in Shenzhen. Zhi is an internationally recoginized photographer, documentary and feature film maker and experimental short videographer. Zhi is also an accomplished novelist.
His representative works include "Mu Mu” (photography), "Sucker” (photography), "Forefinger”(documentary), "The moments” (documentary), and "Our Love” (documentary).

Recent exhibitions were held at CAC Contemporary Art Centre Lithuania, The Victoria and Albert Museum London, The Venice Biennale 2005, Chambers Fine Art NY, The Zacheta Gallery of Art // National Gallery of Art Poland, Para Site Hong Kong, Seattle Art Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, The David and Alfred Smart Museum of Art.

"Fly Fly” takes us to an internal space, a small apartment. I the tiny cramped quarters a hand mimicking a swan gently soars through the interior seemingly longing to escape.