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womens films

2007 Around the Coyote
Fall Arts Festival:

Firday and Sunday nights, 6PM

location: Rodan, 1530 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago 6062

Program 1: “Wake-up” 13:03 min

The videos in this selection give a one – two punch to social issues, one humorously, the other generously.

Top of the World, Celeste Fichter, 5:03, Brooklyn, DVD. Top of the World is a quirky smart look at the state of the polar ice cap. Celeste Fichter holds an MFA from the School of Visual Arts and has exhibited at the DeChiara Gallery, Islip Art Museum and the Bronx Museum of Art. Her work has been reviewed in the New York Times and the Village Voice.

Standing on The Beach in Rimini, Chelsea Tonelli Knight, 2006, 8:00 min, Chicago, 2-channel video with narration about an episode recalled and never far from consciousness.

Program 2: “Brothers Grimm” 10:39 min

This selection of work evocatively appropriates and manipulates childhood nursery rhymes and fairy tales.

“PRICKLE BRITCHES”, Jill Johnston-Price,2006, 6:00 min, Chicago. Prickly roses, entangling barbs, zigzagging webs, exotic spinsters, capricious pussies, and counterfeit mothers conspire to seduce a young girl through a deliriously surreal journey. This digitally composited and painted animation is a loose adaptation of the sleeping beauty tale.

“My Favorite Rhymes”, Catherine Forster, 2005, 4:39 min, Chicago. In “My Favorite Rhymes”, children’s rhymes are coupled with amateur home videos, creating a commentary about family, nostalgia and memory. The video is silent and meant to be read like a book.

Program 3: “Chimerical Musings – Nighty Night” 20:35 min

The artists in this program delve into worlds, which occupy dream like states deploying real time and illusion.

“Chasing Pools”, Carole Kim, 2005, 8:35, LA/Korean, “Chasing the Pools” is a single-channel video based on an immersive performance installation exploring live cameras on dancers seamlessly integrated into the landscape of live video projection.

“POD”,Kim Collmer, 2006, 12:00, USA/Germany, In the heat of a Croatian summer, a caretaker sweeps, the daydreams of sunbathers take form, a running man propels himself through the arid landscape. a dreamer floats and swirls in the salty sea. Together they contain the circle of movement, filling fluid mass, their thoughts fuel the pod ...